When 24-year-old Luly was diagnosed in the emergency room with an abdominal tumor, El Puente came to her rescue. Luly had no family in the area, spoke little English, and had no health insurance. She was very frightened because she was unable to fully understand what was happening to her. El Puente staff provided translation services so she and the medical staff could communicate. They contacted Luly's family in Mexico and kept them informed of her condition. After a large nonmalignant tumor was removed, Luly needed round-the-clock care. El Puente cared for her for six weeks until she recovered. Luly is grateful for the support of El Puente, which helped her get through her terrifying experience and return to her home and job.


I'm 82 years old. Two years ago my leg was amputated after many vein surgeries. I went to the wound clinic frequently before the inevitable amputation. I relied on El Puente for transportation and interpretation every time. They were so kind to me. Now I have an artificial limb and I am able to care for my garden at home and enjoy a good quality of life. Thank you, sisters and staff, for all of your help.


Lupita and her four children were staying in a domestic violence shelter when El Puente learned of their plight. The family had been at the shelter for about two weeks, since Lupita's husband had physically abused the family and threatened to kill them. At the time, it seemed that one daughter would not be able to have a quinceañera (fifteenth birthday celebration) - a significant religious and social occasion for girls that is traditionally celebrated with a Mass and reception. El Puente arranged for a quinceañera Mass and a dinner at a restaurant for the family. El Puente also helped Lupita obtain permanent residency papers. After some months of counseling and foster care, Lupita and her children were reunited in their home. Lupita is now working and her children are doing well.


El Puente was able to help Esmeralda during her first pregnancy. She had many complications including diabetes, high blood pressure, and her age. She was new here, had no transportation and did not speak enough English to understand the doctor. El Puente took her to her appointments and the staff was there when her daughter was born over two months early. El Puente has continued to help her with doctor's appointments for her daughter who is now a healthy young child.

Rodriguez Family

Our oldest son was killed in an automobile accident at age 24. The sheriff came to our house at 6:30 a.m. to give us the news on a Sunday morning. The Sisters were notified a few hours later and came to our house with other members of the community after Mass. We were inconsolable but their presence helped us a lot. They advised us about the funeral and helped to arrange everything at the local parish. Afterward they came to our house for the nine days of the rosary. We are still heartbroken about our son's death, but we're so grateful for the compassion and comfort El Puente gave us in our time of sorrow. Now we are finding new hope in the community that gathers every Sunday for Mass.


El Puente was with me in my hour of need. I was six months pregnant and my husband was picked up, put in jail and deported. I was having complications with my pregnancy, unable to work, and now I would lose my apartment. I went to the Sisters for help. They guided me to make a plan to prepare for the birth of my child. Eventually I found a family to live with until my baby was born. My son arrived six weeks early and needed to stay in a neo-natal unit. I stayed at a Ronald McDonald house, but the Sisters of El Puente visited me, brought me clothes for the baby, and supported me in so many ways. The hospital was 35 miles from my home. Since we've been home from the hospital I've needed to take the baby to the ER three times. The Sisters have been by my side to help each time, even during the night. I'll be forever grateful to El Puente.

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